Monday, January 8, 2007

BLOG Launch

Welcome to the new ArtsTeach Blog!
Our first guest will be renowned arts and education consultant Eric Booth.

About Eric...
As an actor, Eric Booth performed in many plays on Broadway, Off-Broadway and around the country, playing over 23 Shakespearean roles, directing and producing in New York, and winning acting awards on both coasts. As a businessman, he started a small company, Alert Publishing, that in seven years became the largest of its kind in the U.S. analyzing research on trends in American lifestyles. He was a frequent public spokesperson on trends with three books and regular appearances on CNN, NBC and in major print media. As an author, he has had four books published. His most recent, The Everyday Work of Art won three awards and was a Book of the Month Club selection. He has written dozens of magazine articles, has an education column in Chamber Music magazine, and is the Founding Editor of the quarterly Teaching Artist Journal.
In arts learning, he is currently on the faculty of Juilliard, teaches at The Kennedy Center, and has taught at Stanford University, NYU, Lincoln Center Institute (for 25 years), Tanglewood (5 years), and has given classes for every level from kindergarten through graduate school; he has given workshops at over 30 universities, and 60 arts and cultural institutions. He started the Art and Education program at Juilliard, and the new Mentor Program. He has designed and led over twenty research projects, and seven online courses and workshops.He was the Faculty Chair of the Empire State Partnership program for three years (the largest arts-in-education project in America), and held one of six chairs on The College Board’s Arts Advisory Committee for seven years. He serves as a consultant for many organizations, cities and states and businesses around the country, including for seven of the nation's ten largest orchestras. Formerly the Director of the Teacher Center of the Leonard Bernstein Center (now on its Board), he is a frequent keynote speaker on the arts to groups of all kinds. In 2006, he delivered the closing keynote speech at the first-ever UNESCO worldwide arts education conference (in Lisbon), the only American lead speaker; and he gave the opening and closing keynote speeches at the first world conference on orchestras and education community connections (in Glasgow).

Please visit us often to sound off about the state of arts and education!
If you have any questions or would like to suggest a guest, please feel free to contact us at moderator @ (without the spaces).

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